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Optical Components Are Extensively Used In Business

When you think of optical components, many people automatically only see cameras and devices that employ cameras. While it is true that cameras are a major consumer of optics and optical components they are also used in a variety of other processes and devices. They are also common in the manufacture of elements used in the defense industry, security industry, bio-engineering, and even in pharmaceutical accessories to name just a few. Because of the great number of appliances and systems that rely on high-quality optical elements, there is a great need for specialized companies that research and develop the different parts needed for these systems. One such company that meets this challenge is Shanghai Optics Inc. Shanghai Optics is an optical manufacturer and developer that has been in business for over 53 years and has a wide understanding and depth of knowledge about optical design, engineering, and custom assembly that is hard to equal. They excel in not only optical, mechanical design and fabrication, but also in optical coatings and precision assembly and high-volume production.

Shanghai Optics Ensures High-Quality Components

In addition, Shanghai Optics is also expert at complete solutions from ground-up design to complete assembly, including prototype configurations and mass production of custom components. They also offer new customers a free initial lens design initial consultation. Their experienced engineers also use the advanced tools available for lens modeling and simulation. All of the extra care in the procedures we incorporate into your systems are to ensure that the components we manufacture and install for you are of the highest quality available.

Shanghai Optics Delivers Quality Solutions

Regardless of your need, if it's an Optical components, Shanghai Optics can deliver a solution that will please you. From custom lens manufacture and prototype assembly to specialized coatings there is no job or application that is too big for them to handle.